Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 1): Unsolved Cases And Riddles Documented By Dr John Watson (Paperback)

Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 1): Unsolved Cases And Riddles Documented By Dr John Watson By Mildred T. Walker Cover Image
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Can You Solve This?

Holmes and I had been working on a case involving two thieves.

They had done a very good job at covering their tracks, but they hadn't been smart enough to outsmart Holmes.

We seemed to be a couple of steps behind them, but we still hadn't figured out where they were headed next.

"Do we have any new information?" I asked Holmes as he looked through some papers on the men.

"The only information I have to gather thus far is that they were born on the same day, in the same year, to the same parents."

"Why, that must mean that they are twins."

"No, they aren't twins."

"Why, that's not possible. They must be if they were born on the same day and year, and to the same mother."

Holmes didn't respond. He continued to look through the papers in his hands.

Somehow, he was right. Two men had been born on the same day and year to the same mother, yet they were not twins.

How could the men not be twins?

Have you ever fancied yourself an amateur detective?

Well, then come and work alongside one of the best detectives in the world, Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles and riddles within these pages are sure to keep you occupied and entertained for hours.

They are all set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and shared by his trusty friend, Dr. John Watson. There are riddles in this book for the beginner and advanced sleuths alike.

Lateral thinking and "out of the box" logic are the keys to solving these brain teasers and enigmas.

Packed with more than 40 puzzles and riddles, you will find cases such as:

The case of the poisoned tea

The case of the smoking gun

The case of the mysterious code

The case of the card game

The case of the invisible blade

And much more

This book will bring hours of enjoyment for the entire family, which makes this the perfect gift for friends and even kids. Get this book today and begin your deductive reasoning.

Bonus contents:

1. A special case given by Sherlock

2. Easy reference to answers (No need to flip pages, just click. Only available on the Kindle version)

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