Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 2): Bloody Murders Of Moriarty Documented By Dr John Watson (Paperback)

Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 2): Bloody Murders Of Moriarty Documented By Dr John Watson By Mildred T. Walker Cover Image
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Sherlock Holmes Is Back With More Riddles


Holmes and I (Dr John Watson) were called to Scotland Yard to help investigate a double murder on a train. The train station managers were getting irritated because they weren't allowed to let any trains leave until we got this murder solved.

The driver of the train was in the engine compartment while the conductor was at the caboose. The officer on board thought they had been shot at the same time since he had heard the shots go off at the same time.

Holmes boarded the train and walked the entire length of it. He stopped in the very center of the train.

"Watson, how fast was the train traveling?"

"According to my notes, the train was traveling at 150 kilometers per hour."

"Those men were not killed at the same time."

How did Holmes know this?


Staged in the Victorian era, Holmes and Watson is back for more murder crimes by the evil nemesis professor Moriarty. Packed with more than 20 challenging riddles, this book is bound to give you hours of entertainment with your spouse, kids and family. They are all set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and shared by his trusty friend, Dr. John Watson. There are riddles in this book for the beginner and advanced sleuths alike.

Note: You do not have to read volume one in order to enjoy this book.

This book will bring hours of enjoyment for the entire family, which makes this the perfect gift for friends and even kids. Get this book today and begin your deductive reasoning. Join Dr John Watson And Start Solving Cases By Clicking the "Buy Now" Button at the Top of the Page.

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