Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 3): Spending A Day In London With Mycroft Holmes (Paperback)

Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 3): Spending A Day In London With Mycroft Holmes By Mildred T. Walker Cover Image
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Holmes, his brother Mycroft and I were sitting in the local pub drinking ale and smoking. Holmes had just helped Scotland Yard solve another case, and he felt like celebrating. We agreed to play a game of billiards while chatting about our days. We hadn't seen Mycroft in several weeks, so he was ready to regale us with tales of what he called an adventure. His version of an adventure was sitting in courtrooms or at Scotland Yard to see what was happening.

He was laughing so hard at a riddle he had heard while sitting in the back of a courtroom that we were having trouble understanding what it was he was saying. We let him laugh himself out and then asked him to repeat it, so we could enjoy some of the laughs.

"I swear this is exactly what I heard in that courtroom. The defense attorney asked the prosecutor this question: Dana's mother is the mother of three daughters. One of her daughters has the name of Betty while the other one is named Kathy. What is the name of her other daughter?"


The final book of the Sherlock Puzzle Book series is finally here Set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and shared by his trusty friend, Dr. John Watson.

This time, Watson and Holmes join Mycroft with more entertaining riddles in London There are riddles in this book for the beginner and advanced sleuths alike.

Come and work alongside one of the best detectives in the world, Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles and riddles within these pages are sure to keep you occupied and entertained for hours

Note: You do not have to read the other part of the series to enjoy this book.

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