Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 4): Unsolved Mysteries And Cases Documented By Dr John Watson (Paperback)

Sherlock Puzzle Book (Volume 4): Unsolved Mysteries And Cases Documented By Dr John Watson By Mildred T. Walker Cover Image
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Solve this.

The room was empty except for the woman's dead body hanging from the high ceiling. I remember that case very well. It was a strange case and a very difficult one for Sherlock and I to solve.

The police were convinced it was a murder, but all the evidence stated otherwise. Sherlock and I examined the crime scene together.

The doors and windows were closed and locked from the inside. The police had to break the door down to enter. The room was completely empty. There was nothing for the woman to climb on and she had been hung by the neck from the very tall ceiling.

I examined her body. Her neck was bruised and broken so it must have been the hang from the rope that killed her. However, the woman was so short that she couldn't have climbed up to the ceiling, tied the rope to the fan, and hung herself without standing on top of something.

As mentioned before, the room was empty so there was nothing for the woman to climb onto. This is what convinced the police it was a murder. After examining the crime scene, he found a dark damp spot on the floor beneath the women. Sherlock insisted it was a suicide.

How does he know?

Have you ever fancied yourself an amateur detective?

Well, then come and work alongside one of the best detectives in the world, Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles and riddles within these pages are sure to keep you occupied and entertained for hours.

They are all set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and shared by his trusty friend, Dr. John Watson. There are riddles in this book for the beginner and advanced sleuths alike.

Lateral thinking and "out of the box" logic are the keys to solving these brain teasers and enigmas.

This book will bring hours of enjoyment for the entire family, which makes this the perfect gift for friends and even kids. Get this book today and begin your deductive reasoning.

* You do not need to read the previous books to enjoy book #4.

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