Home Exercise Guide for Adults and Seniors Plus Diabetes Exercise Benefits & Precautions: Fitness & Nutrition Series: Lost Temple Fitness & Rehab (Paperback)

Home Exercise Guide for Adults and Seniors Plus Diabetes Exercise Benefits & Precautions: Fitness & Nutrition Series: Lost Temple Fitness & Rehab By Karen Cutler Cover Image
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This is the fifth book on home exercise guides for frail and fit adults and seniors. This book includes an extra chapter on Diabetes, including exercise benefits and precautions. It has been proven that exercise and nutrition are two of the main factors that you can control for a healthy lifestyle. Many people do not know how to start or progress an exercise program. There are hundreds of pictures for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise programs, as well as a list of equipment that you can use in the home.This book is for: Those with a diagnosis of diabetes, pre-diabetes or metabolic disorders. The beginner who has never exercised before. The individual that has mastered the basics, but wants to know how to advance to the next level. Pre/post rehab individuals who would like to advance or want a list of exercise programs to follow. The personal trainer, physical therapist, or other coaches who would like their client to have a list of exercises that can be progressed. This book is not for or may need modification: Chronic or acute disorders/injury's that is not being followed by a health care professional. This book can be used in conjunction with a rehab program. If you are over 40 and have never exercises before, it is advised that a physician clears you first. Undiagnosed pain. The person that does not feel they can safely modify their individual program, although can be used in conjunction with rehab or coaches/personal trainers. People with the following issues that have been cleared by an MD for an exercise program or in conjunction with rehab. These issue will be addressed in future volumes: Cardiopulmonary, Cancer, Arthritis, Autoimmune disorders, Neurological disorders, Orthopedic disorders. What is covered in this book? Home Exercise Programs - pictures and explanations. Myofascial release. Flexibility - Stretching. Core Stability. Balance with progression to Standing Strengthening exercises. Strengthening / Lower extremity - Lying and Seated / Upper extremity. Benefits and Factors to consider before starting an exercise program. Vital signs and how to monitor exercise intensity. Temperature - Heat and Cold. Dehydration. Equipment needed for home exercise. Warm up/cool down. Duration, Frequency, Intensity and Primary Movement Patterns. Nutrition - Protein, Amino Acids, Fats, Carbohydrates, sugars, glycogen, glycemic index. Vitamins and Minerals. Calories. How to read a nutrition label.Diabetes, including: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Foot problems, Insulin and other Treatments, Physical Activity and Diet.

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