Project Team Leadership and Communication (Paperback)

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Project team leadership is challenging.

You've been self-motivated your whole life. You've mastered the skills and technical expertise required by your field. Your colleagues and peers respect you as a professional and a friend. But nothing has prepared you for the host of challenges that come with leading a team: oppressive schedules, demanding customers, and people who just can't seem to get to work. This book takes a step-by-step approach in helping you to understand how to fulfil the expectations of a team leader -from gaining a basic grasp of what makes a project a project -to techniques in estimating time and creating schedules -to how to properly communicate reports, metrics, and numbers in a way that's relevant to those who care about your project.

You'll learn how to:

  • Understand the principles of leadership, and how they apply to you as a professional and those you work with
  • Properly prioritize tasks, project schedules, and customer demands
  • Analyze and manage the expectations of those important to the project through consistent, planned communication
  • Build trust, foster commitment, and manage conflict within your team
  • Identify and stop common project issues in their tracks
  • and much more

This edition features expanded resources including key terms and definitions, review questions and exercises, and practical, immediately applicable tools that accompany each chapter. Additionally, an appendix explaining Agile Methods and how modern project teams can benefit from new ways of organizing and performing project work is included. Instructional resources are available at

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