Quantum Big Bang - Quantum Vacuum Universes (Particles) (Hardcover)

Quantum Big Bang - Quantum Vacuum Universes (Particles) By Stephen Blaha Cover Image
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An expanded quantum theory of the Big Bang followed by an expansion based on the vacuum polarization of a vector field that directly relates it to the universal scale factor of the author. It is based on the massless QED theory that led to the author's successful exact calculation of the QED Fine Structure Constant of 1/137... The Hubble Constant, and universe energy density, pressure, deceleration parameter, equation of state and other relevant quantities are determined and copiously graphed. The universe is shown to expand and contract in a way that accounts for superclusters of galaxies, and great voids. The Hubble Constant displays the Big Dip of the author.

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ISBN: 9781732824577
ISBN-10: 1732824576
Publisher: Pingree-Hill Publishing
Publication Date: August 21st, 2019
Pages: 332
Language: English