The Medieval Castle Manual: Design - Construction - Daily Life (Haynes Manuals) (Hardcover)

The Medieval Castle Manual: Design - Construction - Daily Life (Haynes Manuals) By Charles Phillips Cover Image
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The Haynes Medieval Castle Manual explores the background story to castle construction in Medieval Europe, showing that castles had both a domestic and defensive function. It uses the 'new' medieval castle-building project at Guédelon in Burgundy as the centerpiece for the book, examining the construction and anatomy of these awe-inspiring structures, section by section. Life inside the castle walls is explored, from the perspectives of the lowliest servants to the mighty lords and all those ranks in between. Ordinary daily routines to how a castle’s inhabitants would have been fed and watered and the building itself heated and furnished are also covered. When it came to survival in times of unrest, the castle presented would-be assailants with a formidable array of defensive measures, some of which were truly frightening in their ability to inflict injury and death. 

About the Author

Charles Phillips is author of more than 35 books specializing in history, popular science and psychology, mythology, cinema and arts. Books include The Medieval Knight, The History of the Crusades, Castles and Palaces of Britain, and The Encylopedia of Royal Britain.

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ISBN: 9781785211478
ISBN-10: 1785211471
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
Publication Date: March 27th, 2018
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Haynes Manuals