The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook: Delicious, Quick, Healthy, and Easy to Follow Meals to Make at Home (Paperback)

The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook: Delicious, Quick, Healthy, and Easy to Follow Meals to Make at Home By Paul Hall Cover Image
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The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook is an approachable cookbook that demystifies sous vide cooking and demonstrates how it can make your life easier, while also giving you the tools to try exciting new dishes.

Originally from the French for "under vacuum" because it often involves sealing food in plastic, sous vide allows you to cook food gently in an automatic water bath to the perfect temperature. That may sound intimidating, but the technique has trickled down from experimental fine-dining restaurant kitchens to the home kitchen precisely because it's an easy, convenient, and hands-off way to cook. Sous vide not only makes traditional cooking easier and more foolproof, it often can help to make food taste better, taking away all the guesswork and giving you back some free time.

Now, this easy-to-follow Sous Vide Cookbook that clearly illustrates how to harness the power of sous vide technology to achieve restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Discover the stress-free way to cook a delicious (and never dry ) Thanksgiving turkey along with all the trimmings, classics like Perfect Sous Vide Steak and Duck Confit, and next-level appetizers like Deep Fried Egg Yolks.

With many recipes for everything from eggs to dinner party-worthy mains, this sous vide cookbook will give everyone from beginners to sous vide maestros even more reasons to love sous vide cooking. Discover the necessary gear you'll want to keep nearby, including what immersion calculator to buy, learn best practices, and get cooking

The Essential Sous Vide Cookbook includes:

Breakfast to dinner―The many recipes in this sous vide cookbook cover meals for any time of day, including sides and desserts.

Sous vide 101―Learn the hows and whys of sous vide cooking with an introductory section.

Mix it up―Helpful cooking charts in this simple-to-use sous vide cookbook feature various cuts and cooking times that allow you to create your own recipes.

No matter your skill level in the kitchen, the Complete Sous Vide Cookbook will help you make delectable dishes.

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ISBN: 9781802442908
ISBN-10: 1802442901
Publisher: Paul Hall
Publication Date: February 18th, 2021
Pages: 144
Language: English