Inanna: The Sumerians (Paperback)

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An enthralling and lyrical fantasy debut, and the first in an incredible new trilogy re-telling The Epic of Gilgamesh, perfect for readers of Madeline Miller's Circe and Jennifer Saint's Ariadne.

A tale brimming with warring gods, rebellious humans, and the goddess of love caught between them whose destiny has the power to transform the shape of the world.

Stories are sly things…they can be hard to catch and kill.

Inanna is an impossibility. The first full Anunnaki born on Earth in Ancient Mesopotamia. Crowned the goddess of love by the twelve immortal Anunnaki who are worshipped across Sumer, she is destined for greatness.

But Inanna is born into a time of war. The Anunnaki have split into warring factions, threatening to tear the world apart. Forced into a marriage to negotiate a peace, she soon realises she has been placed in terrible danger.  

Gilgamesh, a mortal human son of the Anunnaki, and notorious womaniser, finds himself captured and imprisoned. His captor, King Akka, seeks to distance himself and his people from the gods. Arrogant and selfish, Gilgamesh is given one final chance to prove himself.

Ninshubar, a powerful warrior woman, is cast out of her tribe after an act of kindness. Hunted by her own people, she escapes across the country, searching for acceptance and a new place in the world.

As their journeys push them closer together, and their fates intertwine, they come to realise that together, they may have the power to change to face of the world forever.

The first novel in the stunning Sumerians Trilogy, this is a gorgeous, epic retelling of one of the oldest surviving works of literature. 

An exclusive preview of Book Two of The Sumerians trilogy, book club discussion questions and more!

About the Author

Emily H. Wilson is a journalist and is the first female editor of New Scientist magazine. She has a life-long interest in prehistory and ancient history. She loves with her husband in rural England.  @emilyhwilson

Praise For…

"I love it! Spectacular storytelling, vibrant prose, wonderful handling of multiple narrators, and genuinely gripping. I haven’t read a historical novel this good for years: it’s reminiscent of Rosemary Sutcliff at her peak." Joanne Harris

"Beautifully crafted and elegantly told, I was carried away to a world both familiar and unknown - Inanna has an enthralling magic all of its own" Claire North, World Fantasy Award winner and author of Ithaca

“Inanna is a deft, mesmerising novel, with a cadence true to its epic roots and an entrancing blend of historic depth, intoxicating imagination and sheer heart. Emily H. Wilson is an author to watch, and Inanna is a gorgeous myth retelling with a very timely message about power and empowerment, and who gets to set our cultural narratives.” Lorraine Wilson, British Fantasy Award winning author

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ISBN: 9781803364407
ISBN-10: 1803364408
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 496
Language: English