Autumn Leaves: Original Pieces in Prose and Verse (Paperback)

Autumn Leaves: Original Pieces in Prose and Verse By Teresa J Sander Cover Image
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-- Christmas Revived

-- In the Churchyard at Cambridge. A Legend of Lady Lee

-- The Little South-wind

-- Lines Written at the Close of Dr. Holme's Lectures on English Poetry

-- Aunt Molly. A Reminiscence of Old Cambridge

-- The Sounds of Morning in Cambridge

-- The Sounds of Evening in Cambridge

-- To the Near-sighted

-- Flower's from a Student's Walks

-- Miseries. No. 1 -- Miseries. No. 2 -- Miseries. No. 3 Miseries. No. 4

-- A Dark Night Twine

-- Fresh Air

-- Farewell

-- Innocent Surprises

-- The Old Sailor

-- Laughter

-- To Stephen

-- The Old Church

-- "Something than Beauty Dearer"

-- A Tale Found in the Repositories of the Abbots of the Middle Ages

-- The Sea

-- Fashion

-- A Growl

-- To Jenny Lind

-- My Herbarium

-- The Ostrich

-- Cows

-- The Home-beacon

-- The Fourth of July

-- From the Papers of Reginald Ratcliffe

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