Google Cloud for Developers: Write, migrate, and extend your code by leveraging Google Cloud (Paperback)

Google Cloud for Developers: Write, migrate, and extend your code by leveraging Google Cloud By Hector Parra Martinez Cover Image
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Unlock your potential with this ultimate guide to Google Cloud - packed with expert tips, coding techniques, legacy migration, and application extension strategies

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Key Features:

  • Maximize your code potential using Google Cloud services
  • Migrate legacy code to the cloud seamlessly and create code that runs anywhere
  • Use hands-on examples to learn and showcase your experience with Google Cloud

Book Description:

As more organizations embrace cloud computing, developers new to the cloud often feel overwhelmed by cloud migration and code running directly on the cloud. Google Cloud for Developers comes packed with practical tips and expert advice to accelerate your application development journey and help you unlock the full potential of cloud computing.

You'll begin by understanding and comparing all the available options to run your code. You'll write, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot your code without leaving the Google Cloud IDE while selecting the best option - serverless or GKE containers - for each use case. After that, you'll get to grips with the basic Google Cloud infrastructure services and connect your code with public APIs. This will help you add features to your application, such as language translation and object detection in images or videos. Furthermore, you'll explore a comprehensive list of tips and best practices to make your migration smooth. You'll also gain the necessary knowledge to write code from scratch, by employing the basics of hybrid cloud applications and build services that can run virtually anywhere.

By the end of this book, you'll be well equipped to carry out the application development process and successfully move your code to Google Cloud.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand how to write, run, and troubleshoot code on Google Cloud
  • Choose between serverless or GKE containers for running your code
  • Connect your code to Google Cloud services using public APIs
  • Migrate your code to Google Cloud flawlessly
  • Build hybrid cloud solutions that can run virtually anywhere
  • Get to grips with Cloud Functions, App Engine, GKE, and Anthos

Who this book is for:

Google Cloud for Developers is for cloud architects, engineers, or developers willing to migrate their applications and services to Google Cloud or build them from scratch. Entrepreneurs in early-stage start-ups and IT professionals who want to know more about Google Cloud from a developer perspective will also benefit from this book. A basic understanding of Cloud concepts and basic experience in writing Python and Shell scripts is a must.

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ISBN: 9781837630745
ISBN-10: 1837630747
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publication Date: May 26th, 2023
Pages: 364
Language: English