Pedro Almodovar (World Directors) (Paperback)

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The book provides a detailed introduction to the essential themes, style, and aesthetics of Pedro Almodovar's films, put in the context of Spain's profound cultural transitions since 1980. With precise and close analysis, the book covers the major concerns of the most successful of all Spanish film directors and makes direct, clear connections to the logic of Almodovar's aesthetic and stylistic choices. By spanning the entirety of Pedro Almodovar's feature-making career, the book emphasizes the director's sensibility to make the outrageous believable and to always give a unique spin to the issues of Spanish history, culture and identity.
A detailed and comprehensive approach to all of Pedro Almodovar's feature films from the outrageous 1980Pepi, Luci, BomandOther Girls on the Heapto the sophisticated 2004Bad Education, this book provides more than an introduction and intimate look at the topics, style, aesthetics, and cultural sensibilities of Spain's most distinguished and celebrated film director since Luis Bunuel. By focusing on a film-by-film, and often scene-by-scene analysis, this book offers a meticulous interpretation of characters, situations, allusions, and cultural intersections as well as emphasizes the meaning and weight of cultural, historical and social contexts. The book traces the evolution of Almodovar's career, from the perspective of aesthetic, narrative and stylistic concerns, and places those changes in the logical context of Spain's historical trajectory from the end of Franco's dictatorship to the transition to democracy, exploring Almodovar's interest on issues of identity, sexuality, and nationalism.

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Ernesto R. Acevedo-Munoz is Associate Professor of Film Studies, Comparative Literature & Humanities, University of Colorado, Boulder.

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ISBN: 9781844571505
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Publisher: British Film Institute
Publication Date: September 1st, 2007
Pages: 216
Language: English
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