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In this, the second volume of poetry and reminiscences, rock icon Suzi Quatro bares her soul through her poetry and adding many personal stories and images to make this book a very up close and personal look into her art and her life. Suzi Quatro is recognised as the first in a long line of female rock stars to be inspired by her. Here in her own words:

"A little story that seems appropriate to share with you along with the publication of my second offering of poems:

My documentary, SUZI Q, was released worldwide at the end of 2019, and was a big success. I insisted on it being the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God And, even though I had scissors, because after all, it is my life, I stopped myself cutting out what I lovingly refer to as 'cringe' moments. And thank goodness, because they are the best bits in the film.

So, at the premier in London's Regents Theatre, I was booked to appear on stage and do a Q & A at the end of the film. Me being me, I really wanted to be inside and watch it on the big screen with the audience, so I snuck in once the lights went down and watched, of course spotted by a couple of of audience members who I immediately said SHHHH to.

I watched, feeling humbled, uncomfortable, honoured, every emotion you can think of.

But the biggest surprise was watching all the other famous rock n roll women musicians talk so glowingly about me.

All of them saying "if it wasn't for me, they would not have even considered picking up an instrument."

I found myself crying a river

Next day, I called my good friend Cherie Currie, and relayed this story to her.

Me: Cherie, I have just realised something

Her: what's that?

Me: by doing what I did, I gave women all over the world, permission to be different

... Long pause ...

Her: And you just got that? "

Suzi Quatro

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