Single Sex Stories: Tales of Unmarried Sexuality and Faith (Paperback)

Single Sex Stories: Tales of Unmarried Sexuality and Faith By Simpson W. Stephen Cover Image
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The truth of faith and sexuality isn't found in five point strategies or simple platitudes. They are too complicated for that. Stories reveal the truth about faith and sexuality. Using stories inspired by real people and events, Single Sex Stories offers a holistic approach to sexuality for Christian singles that extends beyond abstinence.

Christians are hungry for a new experience of sexuality that goes beyond managing and redirecting "desires of the flesh." Single Sex Stories explores the spiritual complexity of sexuality for single adults or anyone interested in sexuality. Using authentic human stories, research, and anecdotes from counseling, the book explores shame and fear, the grace and beauty that unmarried Christians experience with sexuality. The stories in Single Sex Stories imagine a holistic model that promotes overall sexual health and ways to enjoy sexuality as holy gift instead of a sinful burden.

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ISBN: 9781939686190
ISBN-10: 1939686199
Publisher: University Professors Press
Publication Date: October 31st, 2018
Pages: 170
Language: English