The Hangul Story Consonants and Vowels: A Picture Gallery of the Sounds of the Korean Beginning Consonants and Vowels (Hardcover)

The Hangul Story Consonants and Vowels: A Picture Gallery of the Sounds of the Korean Beginning Consonants and Vowels By Anna  Cover Image
By Anna
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The Hangul Gallery is now open

Do come in and look around.

Leisurely browse through each and every page.

Every letter in Hangul can be found

Welcome to the Hangul Picture Gallery Here you will find all the letters of Korean, both the consonants and the vowels. Eyes will behold a never-before-seen interpretation of the Hangul characters, a rendering which focuses on not only the geometric features of each and every letter but also the presentation of it very sound. Immaculate, clean, and spacious, each page with its special exhibit will amuse and illuminate, intrigue and stimulate the intellectual and creative minds of a blossoming child. There is no need to be saddened when drawing near to the end of the Consonant Gallery. The Vowel Gallery is just around the corner, eagerly waiting for you and your child to step in. With so much to see and enjoy, every visit to this Hangul Gallery will be a happy and a memorable one. You child will leave this place with eyes all a sparkle and with the beautiful sounds of Hangul ringing and echoing and his/her ears. And by the way, the Hangul Gallery is child friendly Laughing is allowed and talking and chatting hihgly encouraged. Given the innovative creativity emanating from each page, the modern yet warm and welcoming minimalistic flare, and the generous consideration to the nature of young children, the Hangul Picture Gallery is voted to receive a five star rating and a two thumbs up The Hangul Picture Gallery welcomes you and your child to come in and enjoy the newest sensation in town

MIss Anna is pleased to finally release the picture gallery version of The Hangul Story. THE HANGUL STORY CONSONANTS AND VOWELS is a back-to-back flip book with the Consonant Gallery on the front and the Vowel Gallery on the back. The book has been designed to be straightforward and simple to cater to the preference of teachers and to meet the needs of a many parents. The bright and welcoming colors combined with the novelty of the whole approach make THE HANGUL STORY CONSONANTS AND VOWELS powerful, helpful, and beneficial for children and parents alike. Empowered with the right picture-sound connection, parents and teachers are more than thrilled to present the alphabet of the Korean language to the children, and children get to smile as they learn their Hangul letters. The sheer simplicity and the novelty of it all make this book a must-have and a favorite for every Hangul learner and Korean teaching teacher. Oh, the sights and sounds to be heard and seen... Buy the book and enter into one-of-a-kind The Hangul Picture Gallery

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Miss Anna is an author and illustrator of the award-winning The Number Story series: Number Story 1 & 2, Number Story 3 & 4, and Number Story 5 & 6. The Number Story 1 (Small Book Edition) has been translated to 110 languages. She writes her stories from the beautiful and green Portland, Oregon.

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