Being the Suun (Hardcover)

Being the Suun By J. a. Culican, Cassidy Taylor Cover Image
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Frida Svand is a mighty warrior. And she might be the only warrior capable of saving the world.

Frida Svand is one of three fierce warrior siblings, stranded on the brutal continent of Bruhier. Monsters live the forest below, and high "island" plateaus provide the only safety from above the clouds.

It's a strange place, but the Svand siblings can survive almost anything.

That is until they're asked to free a High Elf from the prison mine. The High Elves rule the sky islands and rarely even come down to the forest floor. It's a job the siblings refuse.

Frida, however, sees it as one more way to thumb her nose at the local ruler, Stephan Luthair. He's a tyrant and the reason they've been trapped in this small, mining town instead of finding a ship to take them home.

What she finds is a whole lot more than one lone elven prince. It might just be more than she can handle.

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ISBN: 9781949621105
ISBN-10: 1949621103
Publisher: Jamie Culican
Publication Date: May 17th, 2019
Pages: 196
Language: English