Elevating Your Origins to Love: A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Power (Paperback)

Elevating Your Origins to Love: A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Power By Susan Drury Cover Image
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Do you think of your life as a mixed bag of random events that have shaped your human experience into an unpredictable hit-or-miss filled with periodic (or frequent) frustration, sadness, anger or regret?

What if your life was actually a purposeful journey where each experience and exposure represents an opportunity which your body and mind is designed to use for your benefit and growth? What if you could turn any wrong, whether present or past, into a potent right? What if you could elevate anything from your life experience into a source of love?

This book offers a variety of ways to understand our basic human blueprint and neuro-biological wiring, and how your original environment deeply affects the beliefs you come to have about so many aspects of yourself, others, and life. Although your perceptions seem to be concrete reality, by weaving the early years of the human experience - often through Susan's own very personal stories - you will discover that many of your more limited perceptions are transformations-in-waiting.

Because you are powerful with potentials far beyond your beginnings, you have the inherent ability to transform any of the so-called wrongs from your experience, into wise understanding. Your life journey is precious and potent. Within these pages, you will discover ways to love yourself beyond any feelings of trauma, disappointment, guilt, anger or regret you may still carry from your earliest years, and emerge free to express more of the unique and powerful person you came here to be.

Within a loving, non-judgmental perspective, you are taken through different states of consciousness in order to understand your life as a journey offering continual opportunities of transformation, healing and power. As you are able to connect your deepest dots, both the past and present become transformed. Long-held limitations and pain, even those passed down through earlier generations, dissolve into joy and renewal. Not just a process of personal elevation, this book offers the potential of transformation for humanity itself.

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ISBN: 9781957013336
ISBN-10: 1957013338
Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing
Publication Date: January 24th, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English