Girlish: The Ultimate Handbook on Puberty for Girls Aged 9 to 12 (Paperback)

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Is your daughter ready for puberty? Let her discover everything she needs to know ahead of time - and in the privacy of her own room.

Girls today are hitting puberty about a year earlier than they did in the 70s... The reality is, your daughter needs to know the ins and outs sooner than you might realize.

Adolescence is a tricky phase of life - raging hormones, body changes, friendship struggles, new feelings to navigate... and it's happening to girls at a younger and younger age.

If you're worried about whether a young girl in your life is ready for the changes coming her way (or if you're nervous about having 'the talk' with her), a good plan of action is to give her the tools she needs to understand it at her own pace.

That's exactly what you'll get with this guide, which is geared specifically towards girls at the very beginning of their journey to adulthood.

Rest assured that your daughter... or your granddaughter... or your niece... will find everything she needs to know within these pages - from emotions, to periods, to her changing body... It's all here, and she can read through it at her own pace - and dip into it whenever she needs to.

Inside, she'll discover:

  • The reason why emotions become so strong during adolescence - and what she can expect when they start to rise
  • Exactly what puberty is and how it prepares us for adulthood
  • What changes boys are going through at the same time as girls are navigating puberty
  • How her body will change as she grows up - make sure she knows what to expect before it happens
  • Everything a teenage girl needs to know about hormones (you might want to read up on this too )
  • A complete guide to menstruation - so she knows exactly what's happening in her body before it begins
  • The full lowdown on pads, tampons, and menstrual cups - let her decide what's right for her
  • Everything she needs to know about period hygiene - plus the embarrassing problems you want to reassure her happen to everyone (and how she can minimize the risk of them happening)
  • The details most puberty books leave out - how teenage girls can use food and exercise to make their periods much easier to handle
  • An introduction to romantic feelings and changing friendships - don't let these inevitable storms catch her off guard
  • Inspiring journaling prompts to accompany every chapter - so she can reflect along the way, preparing herself even more thoroughly for what's about to come

And much more.

Puberty is difficult for every child - and talking to them about it isn't much easier. You don't want to step back entirely, but if you know they have a book written especially for them at their disposal, you can relax...

Even if it's too awkward to have the exact conversation you'd envisioned, you can rest assured that she'll have all the information she needs whenever she needs it.

Help her prepare to blossom into the woman she's going to be with confidence and a bright smile: Scroll up and click "Add to Cart" right now.

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