The Miracles of Jesus Christ and His Apostles: Divine Miracles with a Divine Purpose (Paperback)

The Miracles of Jesus Christ and His Apostles: Divine Miracles with a Divine Purpose By Alfred Cherubim Cover Image
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In John 21:25, the writer and youngest Apostle of the twelve reminds us: the miraculous works of Jesus Christ in his thirty-three prolific years on Earth are too numerous to be counted. "If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written," states the New International Version of John's verse.

In The Miracles of Jesus Christ and His Apostles in the Bible: Divine Miracles with a Divine Purpose, pastor and author Alfred Cherubim takes a chronological look at the thirty-seven miracles of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament, throughout the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Beginning with the wedding feast in Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine and ending with His second catch of fish at the Sea of Tiberias, Cherubim provides the beloved Bible verses that describe each supernatural act of the Messiah.

One by one, in a growing crescendo, the miracles of Jesus unfold before readers' eyes and hearts, only to be followed by nineteen additional divine acts performed by His disciples-ordinary men aside from their association and communion with Jesus.

From Peter walking on water (Matthew 14:28-31) to Paul healing the sick on the island of Malta (Acts 28:9-10), Cherubim tells the reader to remember: in the end, all miracles are God's miracles.

As such, all are signs-accompanied by a message-that either meet a dire human need or confirm Jesus' identity and authority as the Son of God. The author reminds the reader that all Jesus' wondrous acts and those of His Apostles, although singular and extraordinary, exist for one divine reason. In the end, all miracles direct us to behold God's love, power, glory, and mercy, as they carry the ultimate message of eternal salvation to the beholder.

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