Cryptocurrency: A Complete Introduction: Five Entry-Level Guides to Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies (Paperback)

Cryptocurrency: A Complete Introduction: Five Entry-Level Guides to Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies By Eric Morse Cover Image
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Starting Using and Profiting from Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing banking, finance, and commerce. If you are an investor, trader, developer, entrepreneur, or merchant, your world is about to change.

Merchants and investors: Learn the basics of cryptocurrency and how you can use it before your competitors do End-Users and Traders: Take control of your finances in ways you never could before. Everyone: Understand and be a part of the cryptocurrency revolution before it passes you by
Get Five Entry-Level Cryptocurrency Guides in One Book:
Bitcoin: A Simple Introduction Bitcoin: A Concise History Understanding Bitcoin Ethereum: A Primer and Cryptocurrency: A Primer

Bitcoin: A Simple Introduction Understand the Basics of Bitcoin Answers you will find in this book: What is Bitcoin? What makes it special? What is the Blockchain? What is mining? Who controls Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin secure? Is Bitcoin anonymous? How can I use Bitcoin safely? Should I invest in Bitcoin? ...And More

Bitcoin: A Concise History A Timeline of Bitcoin's Defining Moments You Will Learn: What are the key events that caused or coincided with massive price movements? Why are people so adamant about not leaving bitcoin on an exchange? What do "HODL" and "Gox" mean? Why are there different versions of the Bitcoin software? What are Bitcoin's philosophical roots? ...And More

Understanding Bitcoin A Bitcoin User's Guide for Everyone You will learn: Where to find an exchange, and what to NEVER do when you use one. How use bitcoin to buy items on Amazon without using gift cards. The truth about Bitcoin mining that most other books won't tell you. What NOT to do if you want to keep your transactions as private as possible. Whether you should invest in Bitcoin or avoid it at all costs. ...and more

Ethereum: A Primer Your Guide to Understanding, Using, And Profiting from the Digital Currency That's Smarter Than Bitcoin Answers you will find in this book: What is Ethereum? Who Created It and Why? What Makes Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin? What Makes It Valuable? How and Where do you Buy? ...And More

Cryptocurrency: A Primer Start Profiting From Cryptocurrency Inside, you'll discover: Which cryptocurrencies are worth holding regardless of price? Where to purchase cryptocurrencies and what you should NEVER do after you buy? Which currencies are BETTER than Bitcoin, and why? What are the key differences between the popular altcoins? Which cryptocurrency niche is about to take off? (Each book is also available separately... save money with this combined volume )

About the Author

Eric Morse is an Atlanta-based technical consultant that has worked in the software and security fields for over 15 years. He has spent most of his career teaching, training, and advising clients on topics ranging from network architecture to mobile device management. His current obsessions are automation, cryptocurrency, and machine learning. "You can never claim to truly understand something unless you have taught it to others." --Eric Morse.

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