Porn Addiction: Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Eliminate Porn Addiction (Paperback)

Porn Addiction: Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Eliminate Porn Addiction By Daniel Pratt Cover Image
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For most people, if you hear the word addiction, they would automatically think about drugs like heroin or meth. The truth is though, there are many more addictions out there that are just as dangerous, and porn is one of them. Porn addiction can cause the same problems with drug addiction, and it can be difficult to give up. Being addicted to porn is a behavioral addiction and is characterized by a growing compulsion to view pornographic material or content. People who suffer from a porn addiction used to have to satisfy their cravings by storing and viewing pornographic photos, magazines, and videos. They now have tools readily available to feed their addiction - thanks to the internet. This allows them to have unlimited access to porn at any level of explicitness. An even bigger problem is that people do not view porn on the same level as drugs. They think it's just a nasty habit that cannot cause any real problems. It can, and does. This book will help you with: Identifying a problem Choosing treatment The process of recovery How to deal with relapse And much more Nobody should suffer from the negative side effects of any addiction. Get help today by reading this book. This book is also helpful if you are want to help somebody else. The important thing is to make sure that they want help because if they do not, they will not be open to your help.

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