Shakespeare for Sociopaths (Paperback)

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Shakespeare for Sociopaths is a collection of sociopathic characters commented on, caged in the Shakespearean sonnet form. My whole life I've been immersed in a milieu of dark characters -- in my bed, in my head, in pop culture, books. This book represents the union of two twin passions/obsessions of mine: the Shakespearean sonnet form and villainous characters. Shakespeare himself was certainly fascinated with these kinds of characters and housed many such in his tomes from the Macbeths to Iago in Othello. I follow in his tradition with my own Garthian flourishes like internal rhyme and killer couplets. This poetic form is an obsession to me, and I stalk it like a sociopath. Open this book and visit the villains. They're caged. You're safe with me.

- Kristin Garth

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ISBN: 9781999640293
ISBN-10: 1999640292
Publisher: Hedgehog Poetry Press
Publication Date: January 17th, 2019
Pages: 46
Language: English