Spectroscopy and Optical Diagnostics for Gases (Paperback)

Spectroscopy and Optical Diagnostics for Gases By Ronald K. Hanson, R. Mitchell Spearrin, Christopher S. Goldenstein Cover Image
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Introduction.- Diatomic Molecular Spectra.- Bond Dissociation Energies.- Polyatomic Molecular Spectra.- Effects of Nuclear Spin.- Rayleigh & Raman Spectra.- Quantitative Emission and Absorption.- Spectral Lineshapes.- Electronic Spectra of Atoms.- Electronic Spectra of Diatomics.- Laser-Induced Fluorescence.- Diagnostic Techniques.- Spectroscopy Equipment.- Case Studies.- Glossary.- Voigt Tables.- Voigt Fitting Program.- HITRAN Database.- Center of Symmetry.- Fluorescence Yield: Multi-level Models.

About the Author

Ronald K. Hanson is the Woodard Professor of Mechanical Engineering atStanford University. Prof. Hanson has been actively involved in teaching and appliedspectroscopy research at the High TemperatureGasdynamics Laboratory at Stanfordfor over 40 years, resulting in over 95 Ph.Ds being awarded under his supervision.The Hanson research group has published over 1000 technical papers, contributingto many advances in optical diagnostics, and also shock wave physics, chemicalkinetics, combustion science and advanced propulsion. Co-authors Dr. MitchellSpearrin and Dr. Christopher Goldenstein are former students of Prof. Hanson'sresearch group.R. Mitchell Spearrin is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical and AerospaceEngineering at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Prof. Spearrin'sresearch focuses on spectroscopy and optical sensors with experimental applicationto dynamic flow fields in aerospace, energy, and biomedical systems.Christopher S. Goldenstein is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineeringat Purdue University. Prof. Goldenstein's research focuses on the development andapplication of laser-based sensors for studying energetic materials, energy systems, and trace gases.

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