The Maya: Voices in Stone (Hardcover)

The Maya: Voices in Stone By Alejandra Cortina (Editor), María Villalobos (Editor), David Stuart (Text by (Art/Photo Books)) Cover Image
By Alejandra Cortina (Editor), María Villalobos (Editor), David Stuart (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
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The extraordinary culture of the Pre-Hispanic Mayans, in a broad range of subjects and approaches by international scholars

A gorgeously produced volume of over 500 pages, The Maya: Voices in Stone is a breathtaking visual appraisal of the enormous diversity of Mayan culture, buttressed by contributions from the leading contemporary scholars of classical Mayan culture, and covering Mayan art, writing, religion, rituals, social structures, government, architecture, warfare and geopolitical landscape. Objects found at various archaeological sites help to reconstruct the Maya's customs, tracing the New World's greatest civilization of antiquity through the classical period until the Spanish conquest and subsequent colonialism. With over 300 images, this is both a groundbreaking work of scholarship--archaeological, historical, sociological and anthropological--as well as a gorgeously illustrated sourcebook for the general reader. It also includes a Mayan area map, chronological chart, index, list of further reading, as well as various infographics throughout. An indispensable book for anyone approaching the rich, complex world of the ancient Maya and their artistic accomplishments, political organization, scientific advancement and many other aspects of this great civilization, it offers a new image of a living, vibrant people--with glories and miseries alike--that contrasts sharply with the idealized image of the Maya established by scholars in the first half of the 20th century. Alongside the magnificent sculpture and architecture, astounding scientific knowledge and sophisticated religion, we now also encounter the Mayan lust for power, conflict, war, social injustice, hunger and destruction. The Maya: Voices in Stone presents a fresh vision of the extraordinary Pre-Hispanic civilization.

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Publisher: Turner
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2016
Pages: 516
Language: English