The Asian Vigna: Genus Vigna Subgenus Ceratotropis Genetic Resources (Paperback)

The Asian Vigna: Genus Vigna Subgenus Ceratotropis Genetic Resources By Norihiko Tomooka, D. Vaughan, Helen Moss Cover Image
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The Asian beans and grams, the species of Vigna (subgenus Ceratotropis), include several legumes that are an essential component in the diets of a large proportion of Asia's population, and interest in these legumes is growing as ethnic cuisine spreads worldwide. However, this important group of legumes is little known compared to the closely related Phaseolus beans and soybean. That deficiency is addressed for the first time in this fully illustrated comprehensive conservation, genetics, taxonomic, and agricultural monograph on the genetic resources of the Asian Vigna. The book deals with the phylogeny of the group from the perspectives of morphological and molecular analyses, ex situ and in situ conservation, eco-geographical analyses, and research. In addition, morphological descriptions, keys, and eco-geographic details of each species in the group are provided. This genetic resources handbook and guide to the Asian Vigna will be a valuable reference for agriculturists, conservationists, taxonomists, other scientists, and students interested in the legumes and plant genetic resources.

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ISBN: 9789401039345
ISBN-10: 9401039348
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: November 5th, 2012
Pages: 270
Language: English