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Aina no longer had anyone to play with. Freya and Hawke now had mates, which meant that Club KINK lacked good Doms. Aina needed that pain to get through her everyday hectic life. She was an ER doctor, and the things she saw were traumatic. Having that bite of pain gave her a chance to soar.

The last place Roan wanted to be was in the hospital. Leigh was supposed to be taking his medication, but when Roan went to collect the money that he owed their friend Noel, he ended up with a bullet in his ass. Leigh was solidly in a flashback. When Leigh commits suicide Roan is broken. In the hospital he met his mate, but never got the chance to make her his. Now he was dealing with the death of his best friend, while Leigh's mate sunk deeper and deeper into depression. However, if a mate is fated, you never know just how it will come to be again.

Vaughn hadn't returned to Club KINK since his run-in with Freya. It had been a couple of years, and he'd been working hard on his temper and trauma through therapy. At the Devil's Advocates compound, he often saw Asher, the club's owner, visiting his brother Bacchus. The more he got to know Asher, the more they seemed to get along. Vaughn hadn't expected Asher to ask him to come back as a security member, but he was grateful for the opportunity to prove himself. He hadn't expected how much the idea of sadomasochism turned me on.

Banjo was new to Lalbert. He didn't even know what brought him to the town, but one day he'd just decided to pack his life up and move on. Everyone around him thought he was crazy. He probably was. Who else would spend their life traveling in their RV, cruising all over Australia, working jobs here and there? But now that he was in Lalbert, there was something about the place calling him to stop and settle down. The thought was terrifying but exciting all at the same time.

This is a why choose romance set in a kink club. It deals with Sadomasochism. Language and themes suited to 18+ There are potential triggers held within. There are also MM scenes.

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ISBN: 9798215218754
Publisher: S L Davies
Publication Date: November 14th, 2022
Pages: 126
Language: English