The Connoisseur (Paperback)

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"Monseigneur, you have taken too many liberties from me."
"Faith woman I have been nothing more than your despised rescuer from the moment I met you "

In the prime of his life, wealth and consequence, The Marquis of Bryde is branded London's fussiest man: The Connoisseur Jaded by luxury and bored by the beau monde, he chances one night to rescue a beautiful young stranger and begins a dangerous gamble with his happiness and her life.

The grief stricken heiress Mademoiselle Reyeh L opard seeks nothing more than a return to her home in Vienna. Thwarted by her Aunt Vera's murderous greed Reyeh must own she's at a loss to extricate herself from every predicament. But allowing Lord Bryde a place as rescuer, could be more dangerous to her threadbare heart than facing death itself.

Will Vera's social scheming end with a pot of gold and one less relation?

Will Reyeh trust her heart to a gallant stranger or hang on to her grief?

Will The Marquis stand the loss of his reputation to gain the ultimate prize of love?

For all the devoted fans of Jane Austin and Georgette Heyer, here comes another wonderfully clean Regency Romance. 350 pages of a 'classic writing style' compared to 'rich dark chocolate.'

Early Beta Reviews:

From the very beginning, you are sucked into this world of intrigue, danger and romance. You are introduced in the very first chapter to this big mystery of "who is she? What happened to her?" The author did an excellent job of jumping back and forth in time smoothly and introducing you to these two worlds without giving anything away. The characters were so well developed. You instant hate or love these people. They are real and flawed but so dang lovable This whole book was so well done It says in the description that it is along the lines of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, and that is precisely what you get. You will be invested from page one - Valerie Stewart

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and their journey. I was enchanted throughout, and I love the writing style I'm loving how rich the words are rolling. Like creamy dark chocolate, yum. - Melody Barlow

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215738887
Publisher: Faberge Eastern
Publication Date: March 26th, 2023
Pages: 348
Language: English