Life and Death in a Global Gay World: True Stories and In-person Interviews From a Hundred Countries (Paperback)

Life and Death in a Global Gay World: True Stories and In-person Interviews From a Hundred Countries By Richard Albright Ammon Cover Image
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Gay and lesbian citizens tread every continent, infuse every culture and appear in all societies on the planet. They are no longer isolated as a fringe demographic footnote unique to large cities. The 'gay nineties' changed the world's awareness of homosexuality through insistent activism, playful celebrations and unfortunately through HIV. Political and civil recognition of gay couples since the turn of the millennium extends wider and deeper than a mere shrug or silly characterization or an angry pointed finger. The 90's and beyond have been a difficult period of reckoning as well as a victorious one for our worldwide minority.The victories and the defeats have not been equal among nations. In countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, Greenland, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, and fitfully the USA, gay culture and gay love have been recognized and validated by federal or state laws and celebrated with colorful festivals and solemn ceremonies. In other repressed countries such as Iran, Egypt, Arabia and most of Africa the wrong sexual orientation can lead to one's imprisonment or demise.Between these two polarities is the rest of the world. There is a wide range of countries, vast and populous, small and isolated, in which homosexuality is viewed as enigma (Mongolia), a quirk of nature that merits indifference (Thailand), denial (Peru), ambivalence (Uruguay and Morocco), cautious hope (China) or cautious restraint (Sri Lanka) or as a safe but delicate stage for daring gender-bending (Philippines).

Over 300 B&W photographs by the author. Also available in a Color edition, priced at $39.95, ASIN B096TW85G6.

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