Banting Diet Cookbook: The ultimate book guide on banting diet and cookbook for healthy lifestyle (Paperback)

Banting Diet Cookbook: The ultimate book guide on banting diet and cookbook for healthy lifestyle By Patrick Hamilton Cover Image
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Chronic disorders have become a household thing today, thanks to our unhealthy eating habits. In our race towards achieving success in the different aspects of our lives, health takes a backseat. We don't pay attention to what we eat or when we eat. Added to that, we don't set aside time for regular exercise. What we consume every day slowly impacts the quality of our health. Amidst our busy schedules, we fail to notice the signs of our health failing. Unfortunately, we don't realize until it's too late.Even if we do realize the importance of our health, it takes a great deal of effort to change our dietary habits. Following any diet plan has always been a pain because we are forced to stay away from the foods that we enjoy eating, day in and day out. If I had to cut back on my burgers or bacon, I would be depressed and would stop caring so much about health after all. The more restrictive the diet is, the more difficult it becomes to follow it.Well, I guess it's time to put an end to your miseries. Say hello to the Banting diet You do not have to cut back on your fat or give up your meat. Gone are the days when you were forced to look at fat as your enemy. All you need to do is reduce your intake of carbs. You can go on and enjoy your favorite fatty foods, without worrying about your health. The best news about this diet plan is that it also helps you lose weight quickly. Are you surprised? Well, I was surprised too when I first came across this diet plan But, I have come a long way since my introduction to this plan and I have lost so much weight in the process.If you are hearing about the Banting diet for the first time, don't worry This book will provide you with all the information you need to know about this diet I am sure that you will have a clear understanding about this diet, once you finish this book. I have also provided sample recipes and a meal plan in this book to get you started, You need this book.

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