Grak - Orc PI: The Complete Series (Paperback)

Grak - Orc PI: The Complete Series By Joseph J. Bailey Cover Image
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Grak is just an orc trying to get by.He also happens to be a private investigator.Who solves crimes with his fists.Join Grak on his many misadventures in this omnibus edition of the Orc PI series.Included in this complete edition are Grak - Private Instigator, Grak - Orc on Vacation, and Grak - Gnomercy.Grak - Private InstigatorThe city of Alyon is in trouble.Its citizens are turning into monsters.Not the good kind of monsters--terrifying, bloodthirsty, flesh-rending, citizen-killing monsters.When Grak's favorite barkeep tells him that he will get a lifetime supply of free alcohol if he can figure out why the bar's patrons are disappearing, Grak is on the case Grak - Orc on VacationAfter saving the city of Alyon from an outburst of rampaging mutagenic monsters and the gnomish terrorist organization that started the outbreak, Grak needs a vacation. Something grand. Something like attending the Macroversal Wizarding Championships. When the city's Paratechnological leaders offer Grak the vacation of a lifetime, the chance to see the Wizarding championships in person, he jumps at the opportunity. The only problem is that Grak has to stop a ship-devouring demon along the way. Grak - GnomercyAfter saving the spaceways by choking a ship-devouring demon with his fists before going on vacation to watch the Macroversal Wizarding Championships, Grak returns home to find the city of Alyon in turmoil. Or at least mildly disturbed. Citizens are disappearing. And the ones vanishing just so happen to be Grak's friends. Hounded by dimension-hopping ningnome assassins, Grak must track down his friends before they disappear permanently.

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ISBN: 9798736582204
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 12th, 2021
Pages: 642
Language: English