The Jigsaw Project (Paperback)

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When an innocent prank goes horribly wrong, how far would you go to escape the blame?

In Cameron Beach's The Jigsaw Project, summer is fast approaching at Midland High School. Four lifelong friends - Theo, Madi, Booker, and Nolan - have spent the past four years creating chaos, playing practical jokes whenever their ringleader, Booker, hatches another master scheme.

As graduation looms, the group plans one last epic prank to celebrate the end of their senior year: The Jigsaw Project. Desperate to avoid their impending adulthood, each member of the foursome throws themselves into the execution of their plan.

But everything changes when their innocent joke ends in an unexpected tragedy. Suddenly, the group of friends must decide just how desperate they are to escape the blame - and their own crushing guilt.

Will Theo, Madi, Booker, and Nolan be able to cover their tracks before it's too late? Can their friendships handle the pressure of their misdeed? And how long can they live with the guilt of their crime before they break?

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ISBN: 9798885040587
Publisher: New Degree Press
Publication Date: May 4th, 2022
Pages: 228
Language: English