The Gypsy Kid: True Story - Burying Everyone I Loved Before I Was 17 - My Life My Pain (Paperback)

The Gypsy Kid: True Story - Burying Everyone I Loved Before I Was 17 - My Life My Pain By Jasmin Rose Cover Image
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A Novel: Was I suffering the lingering effects of mind control? Who really determines that you're broken anyway? My life was great I had it all, a two-story house in the suburbs, grandparents that spoiled me, and a life that most were envious of. My family's specialty was building this great life to impress the neighbors and our fake friends. It was only when my family was gone that I began to notice things were not so great. There was a happy place that I lived in, and it was all just an illusion. Am I really the person that everyone loves? I'm not so sure anymore. Who am I, and what did I do to deserve this?

My Life - My Pain - My True Story - Burying everyone I loved before I turned 17 was hard on my Heart. It's been even harder on my Soul. How do you recover from being lost and alone? I thought I was just a normal kid with a normal life. Coming from a broken home, many of my friends had similar situations. I figured this was just normal. None of them ended up in a padded room Or in the back of a patrol car Was I Normal?

The lies you're expected to believe The truths you learn along the way Life seems great from time to time, yet an endless fire rages inside of you that just wants to burn everything down All the love I yearned for in life was buried one soul at a time. No one can change the past, and nothing can stop what is coming This Story is my life, the deepest memories of the Love, Pain, and Struggles that have brought me to where I am today, and I'm only 17 years old. Just remember, we all grow up someday But the pain never goes away

Sitting on the edge of the Railroad tracks, I can feel when the train is coming. This feeling comes to me before I can ever hear the actual train. My Life is like those tracks. I can feel things inside me way before they ever come to me. And now, all I can feel is that the train has inched its way closer to me, and it wants to show me just how powerful it really is.

I am Jasmin Rose; this is my life, this is my story.

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ISBN: 9798885820240
Publisher: Lakehill Publishing Inc
Publication Date: April 8th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English