The Secret of Chocolate - Secret 099 - Goddess Perfume (Large Print / Paperback)

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According to a noted explorer and orientalist's advice on how one may become Vizier, one must from a claim of rst place recklessly toy with the favorite woman...

Martee's heart needed to nd a solution, even if it would break to lose someone else close in making the change, something just had to give, so read the Portents.

Banelle's eyes widened. Pushing others away was just something she was good at. The thought of successfully pushing him away made her feel scared of herself most of all.

An unknown man, loyal, honest, forthcoming, faithful, reliable, trustworthy, and ever present, was also supposed to be attractive, sexy, a great kisser, and know his way around a woman's erotic sensibilities with his magick chi craft hands.

Make that two women and he is o his inner domain map, may the Goddess help him.

An ancient spell surfaces during a Solar Eclipse weekend spontaneously forming a new troupe of friends, demands a hidden love be requited and realigns intimacies, leveraging each heart in amazing, unpredictable, fun, and scary ways.

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ISBN: 9798886190069
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Stunned Publishing
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 440
Language: English