Arjun's Path (Paperback)

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When friend and foe blur, whom do you trust?

After a lengthy recovery from a brutal attack, Huck, Hemant, and Ariadne are offered what seems like a straightforward escort to Pod Bhopal. There, they hope to train with humanity's most elite soldiers, the Clunkies, before continuing their mission to destroy the source of the Earth's invaders-the Arthropod Hive. When their plan is thwarted, they must trek through the nearly impassible jungle as humans and "inverts" threaten every step. Questionable allies, waning group trust, and blossoming love further complicate their challenging journey. When Huck and his weary teammates finally reach their destination, little in the militaristic pod is as it appears. General Madan has his own ideas for their mission. Torn between two dire choices, ARJUN'S PATH may save humanity, but at a steep cost.

The Release Day Saga continues as Huck and his companions race across land and sea to reach and destroy the creatures' Hive before humanity is wiped from Earth.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986538853
Publisher: Battlehill Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 2023
Pages: 450
Language: English