5 Book Dive Summer Reading Challenge

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5 Book Dive Summer Reading Challenge Banner 2021

Take the ultimate summer reading challenge!

Here at BookPeople, we believe that there is nothing better to do on a lazy summer day than to dig into a great book! We're bringing back the 5 Book Dive to challenge you to read at least 5 books this summer with book lists curated by AISD!

1. Read 5 books-- any books!-- over the summer. We do encourage you to explore the summer lists below, but the whole point of this program is to encourage reading for pleasure, so you get to read 5 self-selected books for this challenge!

2. Log 5 books on the back of your 5 Book Dive bookmark (pick up a bookmark instore or print one here!)

3. Get your reward! Turn your completed bookmark in at the registers and get a $5 gift certificate as a reward for being such an awesome reader! 

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