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"I absolutely loved this book! I had heard a lot about it, and was a little worried about it not living up to all the hype. Luckily, it far surpassed my expectations. The characters were witty, sweet, and had me laughing out loud.  If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced, thrilling adventure I would definitely recommend this book!"

"Royal Bastards gave me everything that i love in fantasy. It gave me magic that was concise and fun to learn about, a whole world with groups and cultures, and a story that’s captivating. This book just makes you excited. The only disappointing part was that once you finish you don't get magical powers, just a new story to love."

"This fantastic world sucked me into its pollution-ridden depths, and spun me around amazing twists and well-paced turns of the plot. Want is the perfect book for anyone wanting a SciFi action-packed novel, or softer romantic novel, and I definitely put it in my top 15 list. "

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We read a LOT of of books and can offer knowledgeable recommendations for readers of all YA genres. Not only do we have a big section of Young Adult fiction, we also have a big section of Young Adult science fiction and fantasy. Our shelves are full of recommendations made by our booksellers and members of our Teen Press Corps. Come hang out, grab a book and settle into a bean bag chair. 

We also host YA authors for talks and booksignings on a regular basis. To keep up with everyone coming to BookPeople, check out our events calendar. Your favorite author just might be coming to Austin!