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"This book was a thrilling unexpected read, which dealt with intense topics n a lyrical way. As someone who loves reading but is very slow at doing so, the pace with which I flew through this book was incredible. Ngan’s writing was encapsulating, the plot was constantly moving forward while the characters were developing, and then she would pause for a moment of imagery that was subtle and detailed amidst the action. Though the diction itself was not complex, the way Ngan strung words together made the novel a beautiful piece of literature."


"As the second book I've read by Brigid Kemmerer (the other being Letters to the Lost), I have to say I'm impressed. So far, her characters always manage to find that perfect balance between strength and vulnerability. You want to read and believe the story because you want those characters to exist. I'm already dreading having to wait over a year for the sequel that'll bring them back.But if you've been looking for a fantasy novel with a touch of reality, a background of magic, and a lot of intense fight scenes, then this one's for you. I'm sure you'll already be captivated within the first few pages."


"Overall, this book was an incredibly fun read and left me extremely satisfied. Not only did it fulfill my expectations of Andrew Smith’s wacky, imaginative storytelling, but it was a unique take on the future and the core human instincts, emotions and feelings and proves to be a fascinating introspective on the definition of humanity when all of it is stripped away in a world of robots. I definitely recommend this book and would suggest putting it on your TBR, it’s one I will be recommending a lot in the future."

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