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We Love This Book. Trust Us.

You hear us say it all the time: "We love this book!" It's no secret that we fall hard for books around here. And it’s no secret that we love telling you about them. Every once in a while, we fall for a new author (or an author whose previous works haven’t been given a fair shake) and those are the books we really can’t wait to share with you. Watching passion spread for an up-and-coming author is one of the most satisfying experiences we know as booksellers and readers.

We've Fallen For A Story We're Eager To Share.

Well, it's happened again. We've fallen for a book we think will appeal to many readers. It's a book we think you will be as eager to share as we are; a book you will devour under lamps late at night, galloping towards the final page of a story you will not soon forget. 

We Don't Want You To Miss This One.

We know how easy it is to miss remarkable stories in the overwhelming presence of the thousands of books published every year. It's easy to judge a book by its cover, to file it away for later, to pass up an author you don't recognize for a reliable old favorite. We really don't want you to miss this one. 

We're Asking You to Take A Chance. 

We want to try something a little different, inspired by an experiment fellow indie bookstore Fiction Addiction tried with The Martian. We're asking you to take a chance on this book, sight unseen. No cover, no author, no title, no publisher copy, no endorsements from bestselling authors. Just our word that this book is worth reading, that we love it, that we think it deserves a chance on your shelf.

It's The BookPeople Trust Fall.

Sign up for the BookPeople Trust Fall and we'll send you four debut or break-out books throughout the year that we absolutely do not want you to miss. You'll also receive a couple of extra goodies in your surprise package as a thank you for taking a chance with us. If you don't like the book, you can return it for a full refund and keep the extra gifts.

Give the Gift of Trust Fall

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Trust Fall


A Trust Fall Quarterly Subscription includes:

  • 4 debut or break-out books we love, sent to you over the course of twelve months.
  • 4 sets of thank you gifts for being brave enough to take a chance on this book with us.
  • A high-five for living on the edge.*

*Socially distant high-fives redeemable only in-person at BookPeople; we cannot ship high-fives at this time.