Buying & Reading Google eBooks On an Android Device

What You'll Need Before Buying a Google eBook(tm):

     1. The IndieBound E-Reader App, available free through the Android Market.
     2. A Google Account. Your Android device should already be set up with a Google

Buying your Google eBook:

     1. When you download the IndieBound App, you'll be asked to select your
         bookstore. Search by name (BookPeople) or zip code (we're 78703).
     2. Search for your eBook
     3. Add your eBook(s) to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.
     4. Accept the terms and conditions
     5. Complete Checkout

Reading your Google eBook:

     1. After your order is complete, you'll see a screen telling you your order is
        successful. Tap the link to "My Google eBooks" below that message to access your
     2. The eBook(s) you purchased will be listed there. Tap the link to Download Into
         IndieBound Reader
. You're ready to read! 

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