Buying & Reading Google eBooks On an iPad, iPhone, and any iOS Device

What You'll Need Before Buying a Google eBook(tm):

     1. The Indiebound E-Reader App, available free through the Apple App Store
     2. A Google Account  (if you have Gmail you're already set up)

Buying your Google eBook:

    1. Go to in your device's web browser, click "My Account" and click
        "Login With Your Google ID"
    2. Enter your google ID and password
    3. Search for your eBook
    4. Add your e-Book(s) to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.
    5. Accept the terms and conditions
    6. Complete Checkout

Reading your Google eBook:

    1. After Checkout is complete, while you are still logged into our site, you will be
        shown an option to download your eBook into the Indiebound E-Reader App.
    2. Tap the link to download to the app and you're done!
    3. The e-book(s) will download into the Indiebound App, not into the iBooks bookshelf.

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