Buying & Reading Google eBooks On a Nook

What You'll Need Before Buying a Google eBook(tm):    

     1. A Google Account.
     2. Adobe Digital Editions, a free eReading program from Adobe (this program will
        also ask you to set up an account with Adobe, an extra but necessary step.)

Buying your Google eBook:

    1. Go to, click "My Account," and click "Login With Your Google ID"
    2. Search for your eBook
    3. Ensure that your eBook contains an Adobe Digital Editions Download. This
        information will be in the product details at the bottom of the page.
    4. Add your eBook(s) to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.
    5. Accept the terms and conditions
    6. Complete Checkout

Reading your Google eBook:

    1. Open Adobe Digital Editions. The first time you open ADE, it will request that you
        authorize your computer. Click Yes.
    2. Plug your Nook/eReader into the computer. Adobe Digital Editions will ask to
        authorize the device. Click Yes.
    3. Open your eBook file in ADE. Drag the icon of the file on top of the icon of your
        Nook/eReader and drop. This will transfer the file.
    4. Begin reading on your Nook!

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