Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through (Kobo eBook)

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  • T’s first book, Szygy, Beauty, was a lovely and surprise success and grappled with a lot of the same issues of identity, sexuality, love, and loss. This book signals a more deeply considered and more narratively coherent approach, in line with both the author’s and culture’s shifting relationship to these issues.
  • This book doesn’t shy away from the inherent complexity involved in thinking about identity, community, gender, and the body, but instead tackles that complexity with inquisitiveness and surprising humor. In a moment when these ideas are at the forefront in the cultural and political discourse, it’s the thoughtful and uncompromising examination of these issues that makes this book so special and important.
  • T’s joyful exploration of visual art will be embraced by anyone who cares for great critical writing about conceptual work.
  • T is extremely active in the literary community, and their work will find a natural and enthusiastic audience among their peers at Essay Daily, Kenyon Review, Fourth Genre, and any publication that champions narrative nonfiction.
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ISBN-13: 9781566895552
Publisher: Coffee House Press
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2019