Frankenstein (Kobo eBook)

Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Cover Image
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Mary Shelley’s timeless and beloved gothic novel first published in the early 19th century returns with a freshly reimagined cover for a new generation of young readers!

When ambitious young scientist Victor Frankenstein animates a humanoid figure he crafted from stolen corpses, he gets more than he bargained for. While his creation is brutish—large, strong, and horrifying to look at—it’s also an intelligent, emotional, and eloquent creature who blurs the lines between monstrosity and humanity.

Unable to cope with the fallout of his experiment, Victor abandons his strange creation. The lonely monster, now cast out into the world, fruitlessly seeks happiness in a world that rejects the unnatural and the ugly. And then the unthinkable happens: the monster turns against its own creator with a powerful threat, setting into motion a truly tragic series of events.