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Create a high-quality first person shooter game using the Unity game engine and the popular UFPS and Probuilder frameworks About This Book • Learn how to use Unity in conjunction with UFPS and ProBuilder to create a high-quality game quickly • Create both interior and exterior environments • A step-by step guide to building a project with clear examples and instructions to create a number of interesting scenarios Who This Book Is For This book is for those who want to create an FPS game in Unity and gain knowledge on how to customize it to be their very own. If you are familiar with the basics of Unity, you will have an easier time, but it should make it possible for someone with no prior experience to learn Unity at an accelerated pace. What You Will Learn • Use UFPS to build custom weapons with custom meshes and behaviors • Explore level design as you prototype levels, making use of Prototype to build levels out quickly • Build environments that are realistic as possible while keeping peak performance and repetitiveness down • Review tips and tricks on how to create environments using both terrain for outdoor areas and a modular workflow for interiors • Develop a number of different encounters that your players can fight against, from a simple turret enemy to complex AI characters from Shooter AI • Discover how to create unique objects such as exploding barrels and objects you can interact with • Create a custom GUI to help your game stand out from the crowd • Package your game for release, create an installer, and get your game out into the world In Detail Unity, available in free and pro versions, is one of the most popular third-party game engines available. It is a cross-platform game engine, making it easy to write your game once and then port it to PC, consoles, and even the web, making it a great choice for both indie and AAA developers. Building an FPS Game in Unity takes readers on an exploration of how to use Unity to create a 3D first person shooter (FPS) title, leveraging the powerful UFPS framework by VisionPunk and Prototype/ProBuilder 2.0 by ProCore3D. After some setting up, you will start by learning how to create custom weapons, prototype levels, create exterior and interior environments, and breathe life into our levels. We will then add polish to the levels. Finally, we will create a custom GUI and menus for our title to create a complete package. Style and approach An easy-to-follow guide with each project containing step-by-step explanations, diagrams, screenshots, and downloadable material. Concepts in Unity and C# are explained as they are used and for the more inquisitive, there are more details on the concepts used with additional external resources to learn from.

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ISBN-13: 9781785284434
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publication Date: October 29th, 2015