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“The Big Money Squeeze: Adventures in Fourth Grade Money Making ” is not like any other book on the market today. Rymer, Ash, Nia, and Ollie are regular kids with incredible ideas. They have already built a LEGO treehouse, and they want to finish the job by adding the perfect addition: a big TV and gaming system. This will make it the ultimate hangout!

With a lot of support from their parents, they figure out exactly how much money they need to achieve this big, crazy goal of theirs. But as fourth graders, their options for making money are pretty limited. They try everything from taking advantage of the tooth fairy to washing cars, but they can’t seem to get the kind of income they need to achieve their goal before school starts again. Then they have the perfect idea. They will start a lemonade stand.

This book follows Rymer and his friends as they learn about starting a business, creating a budget, picking themselves up after each failure, and working hard as a team. It teaches children what it means to think like a true entrepreneur as the characters apply the principles of business. With each lesson comes more insight into how to build a better business, and young readers will come away with an understanding that concepts such as money, loans, wealth, and goals don’t have to be reserved for when they are older. They can make money at any age!

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ISBN-13: 9798887501130
Publisher: Forbes Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023