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Friday, May 11 at 7PM

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Eat in Peace to Live in Peace, Success Faster, and Yours Faithfully, J.A



If you're interested in this book, it's likely you've been trying to heal yourself for a long time. Maybe you have a chronic inflammatory disease, like diabetes or one of the eighty autoimmune diseases that now exist. Maybe you have asthma, chronic headaches, digestive and sleep disturbances, aching muscles, or anxiety and depression, as I did. Or maybe you are between 30 and 40 years of age, and your body just isn't like it used to be. Strange things are happening and you can't figure out why. Whatever your situation, I want you to consider that most of us are led to look for healing in the wrong places. We have been told to trust the person in the white coat and the numbers on our blood work at the expense of listening to our bodies. We're giving too much of our power away. We need to ask: What is my body adapting to? How can I learn to listen to my body so I can give it what it needs? With this book, you will be able to answer these questions more clearly and begin to move into right action. When you discover what makes your body sing and start honoring and singing your unique song, you won't be able to contain yourself. Your vitality will be overflowing. Get ready to start eating in peace, living in peace, and discovering your true vitality.


For more than 50 years, H.B. Fox wrote a weekly column that appeared in as many as 150 newspapers, primarily across the country but also in many other states. The column poked fun at politicians, Congress and anything else that struck Fox's fertile mind. Fox also wrote for Collier's Magazine and other national publications throughout his long career, for the past four decades from a farm in Circleville, Texas, north of Taylor. Author Gary Borders conducted extensive research and interviews for this biography. He puts Fox in context with the times in which he wrote for country newspapers. In the 40-plus year span when Fox was widely distributed, under a pseudonym, country newspapers had their greatest influence and widest readership. It was an idyllic period for country weeklies, before chain ownership had begun to reach down to that level and begun homogenizing content, and before the Internet began lopping off wide swaths of newspapers' revenue streams - especially classifieds. Fox during his career was called a "modern-day Mark Twain." 


If you are considering real estate as a career, are about to get your real estate license, or are currently a practicing REALTOR® but are not insanely happy with where you are at with your business, read this book. Here is what you will get with Success Faster: authentic, relatable, practical, and actionable real advice and guidance for the launching or relaunching of a traditional real estate professional. You will get less of how to make the cover of Realtor Magazine, and more of how to have a solid business and life. This book is for everyone who wants to succeed in the world of real estate. That especially includes those considering real estate as a career, newly licensed Realtors, Realtors who have yet to reach their goals, and Realtors in need of a reset or a simple calibration or course-correction. We will call these categories prelaunch, launch, and relaunch. Prelaunch is the maybe or soon-to-be Realtor, the launch is the newly minted Realtor, and the relaunch is the agent, however seasoned, who needs to (or is choosing to) hit the reset button in his or her business. Reset can be a beautiful thing, and Success Faster will act as the reset tour guide. Success Faster is based on the true business bottom line of achieving net happiness and creating stability and longevity in this amazing business.


Charlotte Kikel, MS, is a wife, mother, teacher, herbalist, nutritionist, self-care advocate, and founder of Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting. Her professional practice draws wisdom from personal health breakthroughs, commitment to ongoing education, formal training and clinical work. She holds a Masters of Science in Western Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly the Tai Sophia Institute) and is a graduate of the Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College in Santa Cruz, California. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and son.


For more than four decades, I have made a living as a writer, editor and photographer. Prior training for this career included working as a dogcatcher, sweeping up severed chicken feet at a processing plant, showing black exploitation films as a movie projectionist, operating a bottle washer at a soda factory, delivering pizzas and slinging steaks. I am adaptable.

I made a decent living in the newspaper business for a long time, but that chapter is now closed — or at least I think so. You never know. Now I am offering my services as a writer and photographer, editor and designer. Besides the work you see on this site, I have written several pieces for World Wildlife magazine in the past few years on climate change and sustainable forestry. Past work includes a piece on the space shuttle Columbia’s tragic disaster for Texas Monthly. And I wrote for Airstream Life for a time.

I have published three books, all for sale on this site under the “books” button. My fourth book: Yours Faithfully, J.A.: The Life and Writings of Henry B. Fox, the Circleville Philosopher, will be published early next year. 

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Julie Nelson is a nearly twenty-year veteran of the real estate industry including a five-year assignment running one of the largest new agent broker training programs in the country. Business strategist, career advisor, speaker, trainer, problem solver, path finder, general enthusiast, practicing Realtor … you can find Julie on her somewhat urban farm in Austin, Texas.

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