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Being a leader is not easy. Learning to juggle new responsibilities is one thing, but nothing can prepare you for the anxiety you’ll feel over how you’re perceived, or the ever-present fear that you might disappoint your team or your boss.

You want to improve, but here’s the dilemma: most leadership books totally miss the mark. They either focus too much on theory or they’re aimed at leaders whose top concern is what leadership can get them. As a servant leader who’s looking for results, you need practical advice and a clear path forward—not hollow talking points.

In his first book on Alignment Leadership, Align, Chris Meroff shares four simple steps that will transform the way you lead and renew your self-confidence. Through this process, you’ll develop the courage to connect with your team in a meaningful way and start winning together. If you want to create alignment within your organization and develop a culture built on employee fulfillment, this book shows you exactly how to get there.


Chris Meroff would be the first to tell you that almost nothing in his upbringing predicted his future performance. For example, he is a lifelong learner but the structure of K-12 school stifled him. He is a voracious reader who balked at most of the books he was offered in his traditional school setting. He is a successful entrepreneur and transformational leader who never gave a single thought to going into business for himself until he bought and built his company MSB, into a thriving laboratory of cutting edge cultural ideas. Yet every step along the way has been an important building block in a life of purpose.

Born in New Jersey but raised in New Hampshire, Chris learned early on the value of unconditional love and transparency from his parents. After graduating high school, he married, moved to South Carolina, started a family and began to work two jobs while also attending college. After a while, he realized that his life had become something he never intended and, thankfully, he had the fortitude to change it. He left both his jobs and college making his way back to Maine to work in his parents’ business. 

In 2011, Chris took ownership of MSB, an organization dedicated to helping Texas schools navigate the labyrinthine world of accessing Medicaid funds for their special education students who need them most. Under his leadership it grew quickly into a successful enterprise with all of the potential issues and pitfalls that success can bring. With a strong sense of mission and great resolve he created a blueprint for a culture that would attract top talent and help them thrive in a fast moving, high growth environment. His north star for this effort was and is a simple goal: “I knew that I wanted an organization where people can be seen for who they really are,” he says. “How am I going to show up for people here, in a way that gets them to believe even more in themselves? How am I going to love people in a way that allows them to be something more than they ever thought they could be in the future?" Building that organization became his mission and life’s work. 

Today, MSB is a company that employs over 170 people and those individuals will be quick to tell you that the unique culture there is unlike any other. All of the evidence says that Chris’ Alignment Leadership model is performing at the highest level. Not just because the financials say so, but because the people themselves do. 
“It turns out that the template of love works everywhere,” he says. 

Chris lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Sue. They have four grown children, Ben, Liz, Grace, and Josh.

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