THE MILLERS - Where Have All the Storks Gone?


Wednesday, September 3
at 7PM

BookPeople Presents

Texas Authors

speaking & signing
Where Have All
the Storks Gone?

Join us as husband and wife Chris and Michelle Miller  discuss the ups and downs of fertility treatments, pregnancy, and parenthood. Reflective, funny, and insightful, their new book shares one couple's experience with infertility through a he said/she said story. Meant to be shared with the millions of couples who struggle with infertility, as well as their friends and family, Where Have All the Storks Gone? is a touching book from a couple who has gone through it all.

 About Where Have All the Storks Gone?:

Infertility affects one in six couples. In the midst of the frustration though, there is hope. Where Have All the Storks Gone? offers a funny, yet touching view of infertility through the voice of a couple who has gone through it all. Moments of hysterical laughter and poignant reflection mingle with appointments, drug regimens and exhaustion. After facing nearly every struggle and setback on the journey through fertility treatments, we gatheed our reflections and anecdotes together into a he said/she said story. It is our intent to give hopeful couples in any stage of treatment, and their well-meaing family member and friends, an informative and insightful picture of infertility.

About The Millers:

Chris and Michelle Miller met at a dorm room at the University of Texas in the summer of 1991. After a long, long, long courtship, they were married in 2002 and decided they were ready to expand their family in 2005. But as it usually does, life threw a curveball and neither of them won the bet of how long it would take them to get pregnant (Chris bet on 2 months, Michelle guessed 8 months).  A year later, officially branded “fertility challenged,” they experienced nearly every trial and tribulation on the road to pregnancy. In 2009, they began writing their story to share with the millions of couples who struggle with infertility. Chris and Michelle live in Austin, Texas with their three children, Sydney (5), Sabrina (3) and Luke (2).

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 7:00pm
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603 N Lamar Blvd
78703-5413 Austin
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