International Shipping FAQs

BookPeople is happy to ship to many countries across the world! And we do, frequently. Have a question about international shipping that is not addressed in this FAQ? Please send an email to e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com with your question.

Q: How much does international shipping cost?

A: BookPeople offers USPS 1st Class International for all international shipments. For orders that ship to Canada & Mexico, the shipping charge is $55 for the first book and $5 for each additional book. For orders that ship to any other eligible country, the shipping charge is $85 for the first book and $5 for each additional book.

Q: How long will it take to get my book(s)?

A: Once you place an order, you will receive 2 confirmation emails: one to let you know we've received your order and one to let you know we have processed your order. Most orders will ship within 24-48 hours of your order being processed. If you ordered a book to be signed at an author event, the book will ship out 24-48 hours after the event in most cases. Orders shipped via USPS 1st Class International generally arrive within 2-4 weeks. However, our estimated international delivery times are just that: estimates. The customs holding and clearance in different countries can vary a great deal, as can local mail carrier delivery times, so it can be difficult to know exactly how long it will take to get from our door to yours.

Q: Why can’t BookPeople track international shipments through to delivery?

A: We can track your package using the customs number on your customs form until it leaves our country and is delivered to your country’s customs office. At that point, your package is handed off to your local mail carrier and we no longer have access to its progress or delivery information.

Q: What if I don’t see my country on your Countries list at checkout?

A: Unfortunately, BookPeople cannot currently ship orders to EU member countries due to the complexity of VAT rules. If a non-EU country doesn't appear on the Countries list at checkout, there may be some special circumstance regarding shipping or billing to that country. It's also possible that this is the first time someone has ordered from your country, so we have not added it to our database yet. If your country is missing, please contact us at e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com for more information. We may be able to make arrangements for your order!

Q: Is there a limit to the number of books I can have shipped?

A: We’ll ship as many books to you as you like. However, due to the laws of physics, we can typically only pack so many books in a box. So with that in mind, if your order requires more than one box, we will contact you via email to arrange for the additional shipping fee.

For international orders, there are also occasionally other restriction on the number of items we can ship based on the import rules of the destination country. If this is the case, we will contact you via email to notify you of any issues that may arise.

Q: How will the items in my order be listed on the customs form?

A: All items shipped internationally from BookPeople will be listed on the customs form as “Merchandise”, with their corresponding value in $USD.

Q: What kind of payment methods does BookPeople accept for international orders?

A: We accept both credit cards and PayPal for international orders online. However, there are more restrictions regarding how credit cards are authorized for international orders. PayPal is the most secure and most internationally accepted method to make payments online. If you experience any issues with a credit card purchase on our webstore, using PayPal may resolve it.

Updated 11/20/2023