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Signed Books From Author Events

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PLEASE NOTE: Author events, like snowflakes, are never identical. Event and signing guidelines vary with each author and can change due to a wide variety of factors. For information about a specific event, please give us a call: 512-472-5050.


Q) I see an author is going to be signing books in your store. If I cannot attend, can I still get a signed book?
A) In most cases, YES! Please order the book online and type the words “Signed Copy” in the comments field during checkout. If you would like the book personalized, you can also include the name of the person you would like the book signed to. (For example, include “Judy” if you want the book to say, “To Judy.”) Please be aware that not all authors will personalize books. The author’s specific event page will let you know if there are restrictions on signed books or personalizations, so please be sure to read all the information provided on the author’s specific event page! Keep in mind that guidelines posted in advance, including those regarding personalizations, can change, depending on all kinds of factors the day of the event. 


Q) An author event page says the author will be personalizing books. Does that mean I can also get a special message inscribed in the book, as well as a personalized name?
A) Maybe. Many authors love to personalize their books for their fans, and some will also write special notes (in the business we call them inscriptions). But it is entirely up to the author whether he or she will do that. Keep in mind that some of these authors will be signing hundreds of books. The more they have to write, the longer it takes, and sometimes there just isn’t time to fulfill every request. We might not know if an author will personalize/inscribe until he or she arrives at the store. When we know in advance what an author will or will not be able to do, we will make every effort to include this type of information on the author’s event page. 


Q) Do I need to type “Signed Copy” in the comments field if I am buying the book and I plan to attend the event?
No! If you are attending the event you’ll get your copy of the book signed in person. If it’s an event where a ticket is required to join the signing line, we will automatically include the line ticket with your book.  


Q) What else can I type in the Comments field?
A) Any information you think is pertinent to your order that we don’t otherwise have. If an author is personalizing books, you should leave the name you’d like the book personalized to. You can let us know you will, or won’t, be attending the signing event. You can include any special address instructions, such as “leave with doorman”. You can request we send you your tracking information once we ship. If you are unsure about how something works, ask us! And, of course, we accept accolades and other notes of endearment, because they make us feel good!


Q) I still don’t understand! If I’m attending the event and I want a signed book, don't I need to type “Signed Copy” in the comments field?
A) Nope, you sure don’t! Only type “Signed Copy” in the comments field if you will NOT attend the event and would like us to get the book signed for you! If you are going to be here to get it signed in person, there is no need to type “Signed Copy”. 


Q) I planned to attend the event and already ordered the book, but now it turns out I can’t make it. Can you get the book signed for me and ship it to my address?
A) In most cases, yes! Just email us at e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com to let us know you can’t make it and we’ll arrange to have your book signed in your absence. If you’d like us to ship your book a shipping charge will apply. Please contact e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com to make arrangements to pay for shipping. ***In rare cases an author may not sign books for those not in attendance. Sometimes time runs out or other factors are at play that prevent an author from signing additional books. If this happens, we'll notify you ASAP.***


Q) If I’m unable to attend this event at the last minute and don't let you know, will my book still be signed? And how long will you hold it for me to come pick it up?
A) We will make every effort to get your book signed in your absence. Most of the time it’s no problem. Due to limited space in our store, we only hold signed event books for up to 30 days after the date of the event, during which time we will contact you as many times as is necessary to remind you that your book is waiting. If you can’t pick up the book during that time, call us and arrange it to be shipped to you. It’s easy! If the 30 days have passed and we have not heard from you, the book will be returned to our inventory. 


Q) I purchased a ticket to an event online, but I don’t see how I am supposed to receive my ticket. Where's my ticket?
A) For events where we sell tickets, we hold the physical ticket in the store under your last name. They are not tickets you can print at home. Most people pick up their event ticket the day of the event, but you are welcome to do it earlier than that if you wish. Once we process your ticket order you will receive a confirmation email that includes information regarding ticket pickup and other need-to-know event details. Be sure to have e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com in your address book so it doesn’t get filtered into your spam folder!


Q) I’m attending the event, but I’d like the book and signing line ticket mailed to me so I can start reading the book beforehand. Can you do that?
A) In most cases, yes! Choose the appropriate shipping option during checkout, then indicate in the comments field that you are attending the event, but would like both the book and signing line ticket (if this is a ticketed event) to be shipped to you beforehand. Please note that in some cases, the book's publication date is so close to the event date that we cannot guarantee the book will reach you in time. In that case, we recommend you choose the “In Store Pickup” option instead. We'll let you know if this is an issue for your order. 


Q) How long will it take for my signed book to arrive after an event?
Well, that depends. While for domestic shipments USPS Media Mail can take 6-10 days, and UPS Ground can take 2-3 days, you also have to factor in the time it takes to pack and ship the books. In many cases if only a few signed books need to be shipped after a signing event, they’ll be packed and shipped within 24-48 hours of the event. However, with large events we may have dozens, or even hundreds, of books to ship. It can take several days to get them all out the door. (We are humans processing and packing every single order, remember.) If you are an international customer, in addition to all of the above, the customs times in different countries can vary a great deal, as well as local carrier delivery times. It’s difficult to know just how long it will take to get your order from our door to yours.


Q) Is there a cut-off time for purchasing books or tickets online for signing events?
Yes. Since we have a team of actual humans processing your orders, we have to cut off online event book and ticket sales to ensure all orders are processed by the time of the event. These cut off times will vary depending on the event and will be stated on the event page and book product page with at least a 24 hour notice beforehand.